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Ph.D Program

 Regulation of Course Requirements for PhD Students in The Department of Business Administration, National Central University



I .  To fulfill the graduation requirement, PhD students have to earn a minimum of 28 credits.

II . The minimum period of study for full-time PhD program is 31 months.

III.  Courses:

            1. The thesis advisor is entitled to ask students to take prerequisite courses in the management-related fields. (not included in graduation units)

           2. Required courses and division requirements (19 credits): the required courses include Research Methodology I , II (6 credits), Independent study I , II, (6 credits) and Seminar I, II, III, IV (4 credits). Division requirements (3 credits) include BA8080 Seminar on Special Topics of Financial Management / BA8050 Seminar on Marketing Management / BA8091 Special Topics on the Production and Operations Management / BA8041 Seminar on Strategy Research / BA8061 Seminar on Human Resource Management / BA8070 Seminar on Special Topics of Information Management

3. Thesis-related courses: at least 3 thesis courses with student's assigned thesis advisor. One should get advisor approval before taking inter-department or inter-university programs. (not included in graduation units)

IV. Thesis advisor:

Students are not allowed to change their research field after entering doctoral program. The choice of advisor is limited to faculty members of student’s research field. Students can continue to work with their advisor if the advisor leaves the position. If the advisor terminates directing the student for some reason, it can be discussed and reached at Department Affairs Committee.

V. Journal publication:

Please refer to Publication Guidelines for NCU PhD Students in the Department of Business Administration (hereafter referred to as PhD Student Publication Guidelines).

VI. PhD candidacy examination:

1. Doctoral students should plan to complete their candidacy examination within 6 semesters after entering the PhD program, or they will be suspended from school.

2. Students should complete credits required for graduation, and get at least one journal paper published, which should meet the qualifications of Article 3 in aforementioned PhD Student Publication Guidelines. This should also be approved by advisor first and then evaluated by Department Chairman.


VII. Requirements for applying Oral Thesis Defense:

1.    The applicant must pass Ph.D. Candidate Qualify Exam.

2.    The applicant’s journal publication must conform to Ph.D. Student Publication Guidelines, and being approved by thesis advisor then being verified by the director of Business Administration.

3.    The student’s preliminary version of his/her doctoral thesis must conform to NCU Regulations of Thesis Format, and get it approved by the thesis advisor.


VII. This regulation has been enforced upon approval by the Department Affairs Meeting and being recorded at the Office of Academic Affairs. The same applies to further modifications in the future. Also, this regulation applies to students who enter the PhD program in the 2012 school year.