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Master Program

 1.     The Masters Program is divided into two groups: General Management and E-Business Management. A minimum credits for graduation: 46 (excluding dissertation).

2.      Policy on required courses are listed as follows:

27 credits for required courses, and Seminar should be taken each semester (4 credits for two school years).

Required courses:

a. first-year Fall Semester: Organizational Theory & Management, Marketing Management, Financial Management, Production & Operation Management, Human Resource Planning And Management

b.  first-year Spring Semester: Management Accounting, Quantitative Methods, Managing Information Technology

c.  second-year Fall Semester: Strategic Management

3.      Students in the E-Business major should take ERP Program (15 credits) before graduation.

4.      Certificate of general courses (Accounting, Economics and Statistics) must be handed in and approved by professors in the related fields or one should take makeup courses. A minimum score 70 (for each makeup course) is required.