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Undergraduate Program

 Undergraduate Program


1. Required Courses

University requirements (26 credits): Chinese courses (2 semesters) / History (2 credits) / English courses (2 semesters) / general education and core curriculum (14 credits, including university compulsory and university electives). The university compulsory credits should be selected from the following fields: Humanities and Arts, Natural Science and Social Science, with at least one course from each field / Physical Education (0 credit): Freshman PE I (1 school year) and Physical Education – Option (2 school years) / Student Service-Learning (0 credit) for one school year.


Program requirement courses (21 credits): Economics (1 school year) / Statistics (1 school year) / Accounting (1 school year) / Introduction to Business.


Compulsory specialty courses (51 credits): Calculus (1 school year) / Financial Management / Introduction to Civil Law / Operations Research / Business Law / Business Policy / Seminar on Strategic Management / Introduction to Computer Science / Management / Marketing Management / Human Resource Planning & Management / Cost Accounting / Managerial Mathematics / Organizational Behavior / Managing Information Technology / Information Management / Production and Operations Management


2. Academic regulations


Regulations(in accordance with the school year at the time)

Undergraduate Program

1. Required Courses: 98 credit units

2. Minimum credit requirements: 128

3. For English courses, freshmen have the following three options: (1) take Freshman English (2) take English courses offered from Department of English (3) take courses provided or approved by Language Center, but a total of six credits are required.

4. Undergraduate students should meet the eligibility criteria of Undergraduate English Proficiency Exam set up by Language Center, or take Second Year English and attain passing grade, which is one school year and exclude from total credits required for graduation. (For exams and eligibility criteria set up by Language Center, please consult “Implementation Detail on Courses and Instructions of Freshman English of National Central University” or “Implementation Detail on English Proficiency Exam and Second Year English of National Central University) 

5. Students can take the course, shared with the same course name and credits, outside of department, and apply for credit transfer, but this procedure should be approved by instructors of the department in advance. Credit transfer is normally limited to three subjects. Courses for credit transfer should be taken orderly in accordance with the course sequence offered by the department. The regulation above shall apply to double major students.

6. Students should take at least four selective courses (11 credits), among which, three courses (8 credits) should be taken from our Undergraduate Program. Another one should be taken from the required courses offered by ERP Program.

7. Students who choose business administration as their minor shall duly apply for a double major in accordance with “Double Major Regulations of National Central University”. Besides, their academic ranking should be in the top 20 percent each semester for eligibility.

8. Student Service-Learning should be taken, as indicated in the “Implementation Guidelines for Student Service-Learning”, before graduation.