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Personal data
Group: Marketing Management
Name: Lin, Chien-Huang
Title: Professor
Education: Taiwan National Chengchi University Business Administration Ph.D
Research Field: Marketing Management,Consumer Behavior, Advertising
Office: I1-708 TEL: 03-422-7151#66121
E-mail: chlin@mgt.ncu.edu.tw
Website: www.cc.ncu.edu.tw/~chlin/
Dissertation advisor/contest instructor
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Graduation yearStudent namePaper nameAdvisor
98Lin, Hung-ChouEffects of mood states on consumers’ variety seeking behaviorChien-Huang Lin
97Peng Ching HuaiThe Effects of Color Hue, Shape and Music Style on Consumers’ Perceived Pouring VolumeChien-Huang Lin
95Lin Hung MingThe Social Value Orientation and Consumer Behavior in Prices SettingChien-Huang Lin
95Wen-Hsien HuangOn Multiple Reference Points of Consumer RegretChien-Huang Lin
95The Impacts of Consumer Knowledge and Attribute Balance on Consumer Choice under Incomplete InformationChien-Huang Lin
95Danny Teng-Ti KaoThe Impact of Ad Message Framing on Consumer Attitudes:The Moderating Roles of MOAChien-Huang Lin
94The Effect of Decision-making of Chosen and Forgone on Consumer's Post-Choice ValuationChien-Huang Lin
94The Route from Comparisons to Effective AdvertisingChien-Huang Lin
92Ying-Ching LinFeeling Better or Staying Miserable: Why Self-Positivity?Chien-Huang Lin